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13 June, 2008

Hello and welcome to my web site CowaSoft.  If you are interested in setting up your web site to take payments thru various payment gateways and payment processors then hopefully you will find the products and information provided on this web site to be useful in your e-commerce education and journey.


I recently started down this same journey when trying to setup a website to take payments for my fiance.  I’ve been a senior software engineer for the last 20 years writing low level network and file system drivers, but for the most part have ignored the whole web revolution.  So this has been a new experience for me in learning all the new semantics of the higher level scripting languages involved in writing web applications.


The first part of my journey was trying to write my own subscription service to integrate with various payment processors.  I had mostly integrated with some of the major payment gateways when I stumbled across the membership software script aMember.  This is a PHP script that practically did everything I had envisioned doing and then some.  It already integrates with all of the relevant payment gateways and is reasonably priced.  So if your in need of a membership subscription service with payment gateway integration then I highly recommend aMember.  It can very easily be customized to meet your particular e-commerce needs.


Initially I will be selling integration plugins that I have developed that help integrate 3rd party PHP scripts with aMember.  The initial focus will be on helpdesk scripts and shopping cart scripts.  You will find these integration scripts available for puchase by accessing the Product sections in the left sidebar.  If you have a particular 3rd party script that you would like integrated with aMember please email me at the address provided below.


If you need custom modifications or integration help with aMember or any other PHP based scripts then feel free to contact me at the email address listed below for a price quote.


So I hope you enjoy my web site and find some useful nuggets of information provided here that you can use in your own adventures.  So this ends this episode of Roo Man and his sidekick Joey as they continue their intergalatic search for the mystical orb that contains the DNA for the perfect API that will bring harmony and bliss to all that touch it.




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